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PBNs: Private Blog Network – The Crack Habit Of SEO

First off, lets note that PBNs are not viewed well in traditional SEO (UltimateSeo.org) and are hunted like witches in Massachusetts in the 1600s.  They must be large to matter, having anywhere between 20 to several thousand sites. They are the equivalent of building dozens of WordPress sites taking hours and hours from other SEO (UltimateSeo.org) opportunities. […]

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MAJOR GOOGLE SEO CHANGE FOR SOME: Website Traffic CREDITED To Where Google Chooses

Consolidating your website traffic on canonical URLs Wednesday, February 06, 2019 In Search Console, the Performance report currently credits all page metrics to the exact URL that the user is referred to by Google Search. Although this provides very specific data, it makes property management more difficult; for example: if your site has mobile and […]

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Adwords Template With Search Console, Google Analytics In Data Studio

SEO (UltimateSeo.org) & PPC Data Studio Report Using Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console All-In-One Template Google Data Studio Reports are some fun things.  Here at Ultimate SEO (UltimateSeo.org) you love visualizations and thats partially why we like Data Studio. Beyond the looks its also integrated easily with Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Search Console to name […]

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Adwords And Google Data Studio: Wordstream Alternative

  I’ve been managing Google Adwords campaigns for political campaigns mostly but recently I stepped out into managing the Adwords campaigns for an IT consulting company. It’s a little bit of a challenge I’m not going to lie. More than just matching the search with the keyword I need to attract only business customer and […]

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How To Rank Your Site On Google…Forget the Keywords

Well don’t totally forget the keywords but I think if you spend more than 5 minutes on keywords you’re going to be pretty surprised by some purported data I stumbled across.  As you likely know Google uses about 200 factors in determining your sites ranking.  I personally have place a lot of emphasis on speed […]

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UltimateSEO.online Purchase SEO Packages Now Live

UltimateSEO.online Purchase SEO Packages Now Live

Ultimate SEO (UltimateSeo.org) has begun to develop its SEO (UltimateSeo.org).online/”>UltimateSEO (UltimateSeo.org).online site as a store front where visitors can purchase SEO (UltimateSeo.org) products and services.  At this time we have several SEO (UltimateSeo.org) SEO Audit packages listed.  More details will be added to the products but they are the same as currently described on SEO (UltimateSeo.org).org/services/”>SEO (UltimateSeo.org) Services

Additionally we will role out subscription packages for ranking reports and data trending as well as content development and backlinking campaigns.

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Top 10 Visited Sites: Porn Porn and Porn

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Now before we say anything I just want to say I don’t watch porn.  Neither do you?  Alright, well since none of us watch porn would you be surprised to know of the top 10 web sites by traffic 3 are porn sites?  Thats amazing since none of us watch it.



  1. Google 44.1 Billion
  2. Youtube.com 14.9 Billion
  3. Facebook.com 13.8 Billion
  4. Wikipedia.org 4.1 Billion
  5. Google Ad Services 3.7 Billion
  6. Pornhub.com 3.6 Billion
  7. XNXX 3.5 Billion
  8. Xvideos.com 3.5 Billion
  9. Yahoo 2.8 Billion
  10. Twitter 2.8 Billion

With nearly the same traffic combined as Facebook porn occupies a lot of our internet intent whether we care to admit it.  Amazon ranks 19th under 4 more popular porn sites. Imagine all the Amazon Affiliate sites out there trying to get us to buy stuff from the 19th most popular site and how much more profitable they’d be pushing porn. 

This Article is just an observation but it open the question…What SEO (UltimateSeo.org) efforts are undertaken for porn vs. other segments.  A future Article on porn and SEO (UltimateSeo.org) is coming.

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11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide

11 SEO (UltimateSeo.org) Tips Quick Reference Guide

Read too many Articless explaining the art of disavowing SEO Backlinks based on the referring site’s link metrics and now just ready to pull out your hair?  Before you do you may benefit from getting back to the important stuff…the basics:

  1. Focus more on your SEO Backlinks than keywords more than you usually do
  2. Have SEO Backlinks link to the specific Article not the site homepage
  3. Page Speed….seriously….3 second load is the goal.  Over 6 seconds forget about everything else
  4. Every page needs a Title, Description, One H1 Header, And An Image with the Alt-text containing your keyword
  5. Your title should describe your page, in a unique manner that sets this page apart from all the rest
  6. Focus your page content on a specific topic, don’t mix just for length
  7. Make sure your most important pages are within no more than 2 clicks from the homepage, limit the number of links to below 100
  8. Create social media accounts and reference them in your content
  9. Link to at least two external dofollow authoritative sites to your content, as supportive documents
  10. Article no less than once per week…and announce that Article in social media with a link to the content
  11. Make use of tags and categories to tie similar content together

SEO (UltimateSeo.org).org%2Fquick-SEO (UltimateSeo.org)-guide%2F&linkname=11%20SEO (UltimateSeo.org)%20Tips%20Quick%20Reference%20Guide” title=”Facebook” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>SEO (UltimateSeo.org).org%2Fquick-SEO (UltimateSeo.org)-guide%2F&linkname=11%20SEO (UltimateSeo.org)%20Tips%20Quick%20Reference%20Guide” title=”Twitter” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>SEO (UltimateSeo.org).org%2Fquick-SEO (UltimateSeo.org)-guide%2F&linkname=11%20SEO (UltimateSeo.org)%20Tips%20Quick%20Reference%20Guide” title=”Google+” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>SEO (UltimateSeo.org).org%2Fquick-SEO (UltimateSeo.org)-guide%2F&title=11%20SEO (UltimateSeo.org)%20Tips%20Quick%20Reference%20Guide” data-a2a-url=”https://ultimateSEO (UltimateSeo.org).org/quick-SEO (UltimateSeo.org)-guide/” data-a2a-title=”11 SEO (UltimateSeo.org) Tips Quick Reference Guide”>

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