Awhile back I picked up a domain name that had expired called UltimateSEO ( its Domain Authority is a respectable 36.  Some companies work years to build up to that level and its branding isn’t that bad either.  SEO ( is in the name afterall. could just as easily belong to the other Matthew Leffler’s that I constantly fight against to rank highest on Google.  Be it the attorney, the tennis pro or even the sex offender in Florida.  (Shame on you for dragging our name down) is a DA23 which is respectable for less than a year old but I can skip a year or so of work if I jump into the new site’s shoes.

I keep a bunch of niche domains going, if you haven’t picked up on my website bonanza.  I think though they are complementary but separate and thats why there are a few.

So that leaves my personal sites, a little more personal.  And if you are interested in SEO (, Cloud or Data then ya got a site on that niche. I will say though Data I kinda neglected and wrapped up into SEO ( is the actual thing I enjoy, its just figuring out data and easier if ya can use cloud computing.

  • – This site…focuses on my Upwork endeavors. DA23
  • – A non WordPress site to show clients I can make nonWordPress sites. Focuses on my Software Training background. DA16
  • – experiments and often used for temp mockup sites. DA8

Anyhow there it is my sites 

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