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Election 2020

With the 2018 Midterm elections decided we’ve begun our shift towards the 2020 election season by starting the site.  This provides a year or so to prepare the site and build its footprint prior to the campaign season.

The 2019 elections will include just a few offices so no addition sites will be developed for the Cloud502 election sites network.  The primary sites continue to be:  https://votersguide.eyz 

With this shift in focusing towards the elections two years from now we hope to build the sites’ features and content.

Candidate Sites

Our candidate sites will remain up but mostly dormant.  This will allow the candidate time to decide if they will be seeking an office and while the decide the sites can continue to receive backlinks and other SEO benefits.

There are a number of candidate sites.  These include but are not limited too:

Election 2020 Button

Offices Sites

Similarly sites with an office name will remain live but mostly dormant.  These include but are not limited too:



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