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If you are familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a quick way to understand what the various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services do is to map them to AWS services that offer similar functionality. The following table provides a high-level mapping of the services provided by the two platforms. For a detailed comparison of GCP and AWS services by service type, see Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals.

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Service CategoryServiceAWSGoogle Cloud Platform
ComputeIaaSAmazon Elastic Compute CloudCompute Engine
PaaSAWS Elastic BeanstalkApp Engine
ContainersAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud Container ServiceKubernetes Engine
Serverless functionsAWS LambdaCloud Functions
NetworkLoad BalancerElastic Load BalancerCloud Load Balancing
PeeringDirect ConnectCloud Interconnect
DNSAmazon Route 53Cloud DNS
StorageObject StorageAmazon Simple Storage ServiceCloud Storage
Block StorageAmazon Elastic Block StoreCompute Engine Persistent Disks
Cold StorageAmazon GlacierCloud Storage Nearline
File StorageAmazon Elastic File SystemZFS / Avere
DatabaseRDBMSAmazon Relational Database ServiceCloud SQL
NoSQL: Key-valueAmazon DynamoDBCloud Datastore, Cloud Bigtable
NoSQL: IndexedAmazon SimpleDBCloud Datastore
Big Data & AnalyticsBatch Data ProcessingAmazon Elastic MapReduceCloud Dataproc, Cloud Dataflow
Stream Data ProcessingAmazon KinesisCloud Dataflow
Stream Data IngestAmazon KinesisCloud Pub/Sub
AnalyticsAmazon RedshiftBigQuery
Application ServicesMessagingAmazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Queueing ServiceCloud Pub/Sub
Management ServicesMonitoringAmazon CloudWatchStackdriver Monitoring
DeploymentAWS CloudFormationCloud Deployment Manager

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SEO: How long does it take to rank #1 on Google?

It Takes About 3 Months To 6 Months To Rank #1 On Google

In the world of politics everything seems to be able the last week of an election, after that its over.  In the business world you have to keep going after a certain defined date to remain in business.  Political SEO requires keeping in mind the business world because in Google ranking they are your biggest competitors and the other candidate is likely just as I was talking with a politico kind of friend in the last two days about the need in getting in contact with any campaigns for November now … he seemed puzzled and said we had three months and most campaigns are just starting.  That may be fine and dandy for yard signs and television commercials but online everything needs to be in place before you want it.  That means now.

I will grant you that Jefferson County Judge Executive isn’t a highly sought after keyword.  But then who is going to Google that keyword closer to the election?  If you thought that was the keyword for that office, you’d be wrong.  You need to stop thinking of proper nouns as good Google keywords.  I’ll pin a conversation about keywords at another time but for now focus on timing.

Its not too late to invest in search engine optimization and building an engaging site for voters.  It will be too late in October when you will wish you had.